Which iPad to buy in 2018?

Apple has released their brand new iPad Pro in 11-inch and 12.9-inch last month, which supports the 2nd generation of Apple Pencil, with a selling price starting at $799 and $999 relatively (64GB, WiFi models). Earlier this year, Apple released an iPad 2018 9.7inch (6th gen) in March, which supports the 1st generation of Apple Pencil, costs us $329 only (32GB, WiFi model)!

So. Which iPad to buy in 2018 December?

Firstly, let us do some maths on each model. We assume that you do not need a keyboard (you can type with the on-screen keyboard anyway).

IPad 2018 : $329 + $99 (1st gen. Pencil) = $428

New iPad Pro : $799 + $129 (2nd gen. Pencil) = $928

Which iPad to buy if you are rich?

You don’t really need to be rich. I just mean, comfortable.

It’s a no brainer. Just go straight to the brand new iPad Pro. Latest technology products are always the best.

Which iPad to buy if you are going to use it for work?

To do a good job, one must first sharpen one’s tools.

If you are an architect, artist, photographer, musician, even a YouTuber. You will need to use the iPad for drawing, photo editing, video editing, composing music. Then, the new iPad Pro is your choice.

I am not saying that the 9.7inch iPad 2018 cannot do the things above, but you will have a more comfortable and smoother experience while using the new iPad Pro.

Which iPad to buy if you are a student?

If you use an iPad for note jotting in classes, making presentations using Keynote app, watching YouTube videos, reading news, playing games from AppStore … etc., go get an iPad 2018. It is enough for your daily use. The iPad 2018 9.7-inch weighing just 1 pound, which let you carry it comfortably from classroom to classroom. My suggestion is to get a 128GB model, in order to download more textbooks and videos without shortage on memory.

The Apple A10 Fusion chip which iPad 2018 using is the same as the one installed in the iPhone 7.

From my experience, an iPhone 6s powered by the Apple A9 chip can still smoothly run 99.9% apps in the App store.

There is no reason to be worried about the performance of the cheap iPad 2018.


For travellers: The iPad 2018 is a good travel buddy. I even suggest you to get a 128GB LTE (cellular) version of it. Nowadays, since we can buy a SIM card in almost every country with a very low price when traveling, we can directly insert the SIM into the LTE version iPads. For viewing electronic flight tickets, hotel reservations, Uber, Airbnb, online visas, checking the transportation to your destinations, local attractions, travel planning, etc. anytime, anywhere. It is so useful to travellers like me!

For housewives / home cooker: I understand that you would want an iPad for reading the recipes while cooking. An iPad 2018 is enough for you. Remember to get an iPad case or stand.

For parents with kids: The iPad 2018 can help you out when you are queuing with your kids. Give them the iPad and the Apple Pencil, let them draw what they like, you can save their drawings on iCloud forever and reduce wasting paper.

For language learner: With an 9.7-inch iPad, download an app called “Duolingo” and learn the language on the road.















Here is a comparison chart made by me, for easy understanding about the tech specs. of the two different models of iPad.


If you still not yet make up your mind which iPad to buy in 2018, the cheaper one or the new iPad Pro.

I understand, I have been there.

If you need an iPad Pro, you would not be frustrating now.

If that is the case, just go for the 9.7-inch iPad 2018.


10 thoughts on “Which iPad to buy in 2018?”

  1. Hey Silas! I loved to read your article from top to bottom and all the information in here and accurate comparison between iPad 2018 and the new iPad Pro made me feel I’m in good hands on a help on which of them to pick one. Personally I like iPad Pro BUT when having a look at the price, I think I will stick with iPad 2018 for now, which is also as wonderful. Thank you for this amazing article of yours!


  2. I love that you just said “Buy what you need, not what you want”! Lol. I was honestly have been going over the two iPads for the past week now.
    I just like shinier objects and had been trying to convince myself that I need the iPad Pro. I think after reading this, I gotta be honest – I don’t do any artsy stuff on my iPad 🙁 & there’s no reason for me to splurge on it.
    Think I’ll give it a go for iPad 2018 as I usually keep one when I’m traveling.


    1. Hey Wina, I’m glad that you found what you really need after reading my article. You won’t regret buying an ipad 2018 instead of the ipad pro. Cheers.

  3. You made mentioned that iPad are good for housewives / home cooker, parents with kids and for language learner, I liked the stated purposes.

    To combat boredom while waiting for others during meeting, falling in line in the groceries/banks, to have iPad is a big help. It could store large data: videos, documents & programs. Hence, it is an all-in-one gadget.

  4. The latest technology is the best? I used to think they are basically the same with slight modifications. I’ve not bought an Apple product before but you’re quite convincing. Thanks, may try it sometime in future.

    1. Hey Chyke! Thanks for reaching out to my article. The 9.7-inch iPad 2018 is the first model supports Apple Pencil, it’s a game changer. Without the Apple Pencil, the iPad was only being used for consuming content. With the Apple Pencil, you can now be productive from anywhere.

  5. Hey Silas,

    Yes i will go with iPad 2018 (this is what i need) but as you know our mind still craves for (what i want) the latest one 🙂 I really like the way you segmented the article across all groups of people. This helps in making a quick decision.

    Looking forward for more such comparisons and reviews.

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