How to Download Free Books for Kindle – Top 3 Best Websites

Just got your new Kindle and looking for some books to download? Browsing on the Kindle ebook store but feeling a bit expensive? I will show you how to download free books for Kindle. You could find the books worth reading in your entire life with those websites.

1. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is the top pick website that I use to download free books the most, it is easy to use and has the biggest chance to find what I need.

1) Type the name of the book you want to download in the search bar (for example, I am looking for “Side Hustle” written by Chris Guillebeau which published in Sep 2017).

2) In the results page, look for the book that you need (the results will show several versions of the same book sometimes). You will see the file format of the book under the “extension” column. Choose MOBI for Kindle, if there is no Mobi file, then choose ePUB, but you would need to convert the file later. Choose 1 out of 5 mirrors (any of them is fine).

3) The book cover will be shown on the next page. Check if that is the version you want. Click “GET” at the top, it will start to download immediately. Of course, if you like the book, you can search in and purchase one to support the author.

2. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the earliest free books downloading website on the internet, starting from 1971. The website offers over 57,000 free eBooks. You will find the world’s great literature here, with focus on older works for which copyright has expired.

I prefer browsing the library with “Browse Catalog” – “Top 100” function in Project Gutenberg.

3. Planet eBook

Planet eBook is the home of free classic literature.

Click on the book you wanted to download, then choose MOBI format on the next page. Be aware, according to the website, the books Planet eBook publish in Australia are all in the public domain and out of copyright. Please be sure to check the copyright laws for your country before downloading.

How do I transfer eBooks from my computer to my Kindle?

If there is only ePUB files instead of MOBI files you could download, you will need to convert them into MOBI file first. If you could get the MOBI files, please skip this procedure and go to the next step following.

1. Go to (A website of eBook Converter).

2. Make sure you are on the right page of: Convert text or ebooks to the MOBI format.

3. Upload the ePUB files you would like to convert.

4. In the optional settings, you may select your target ebook device.

5. Click “Start Conversion”.

6. Wait the website to convert, usually your files will be ready in a minute.

After you have downloaded the MOBI eBooks to your computer, you would want to copy them to your Kindle, instructions as below.

Using a USB cable

1. Save the MOBI eBook to your computer.

2. Connect your Kindle device with your computer using the USB cable comes with your Kindle.

3. On your desktop you will see a Kindle folder/drive.

4. Open the folder/drive and copy your MOBI file/s to the Documents folder.

Sending an email from your computer

1. Click the “3 dots” icon on the top right screen of your Kindle.

2. Choose “Settings” -> Go to “Your Account”.

3. At the bottom of the page, you should see “Send-to-Kindle Email”.

4. In your computer, attach a MOBI file to an email, and send it to your “Send-to-Kindle Email” address. Just type any subject is fine, you don’t have to input content in the body.

5. The book should appear in your Kindle shortly.

Note: If the book does not appear, please check if you have turned on the Airplane Mode in your Kindle. It should be turned off in order to connect to the internet. 

That is how I download free books for my Kindle. Comparing to the Amazon eBook Store, the steps are a bit more complicated, but that is free.

If you still have any questions about the procedure of downloading books to your Kindle, please drop a comment in the comment box below. I will reply shortly.

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